Vacant home insurance CincinnatiVacant Home Insurance – Why you Might Need this Coverage?

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If your Home or Commercial Building is vacant you should be aware that most insurance companies will not be willing to offer you insurance coverage.  Perhaps your company has sent you a cancellation notice because your property is vacant?   If you did receive a cancellation notice we can help you in most instances.

How do you find insurance for vacant homes?

The first step is to work with an agency they can help you secure the coverage you need for vacant home insurance.

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Why Insurance Companies Do Not Insure Vacant Homes?

Homeowner’s insurance policies were designed to provide coverage for homes that are occupied, not vacant homes or commercial buildings. Vacant homes and buildings invite added risk for insurance companies and that is the main reason why most insurance companies shy away from insuring vacant homes.

Common Claims on Vacant Properties

Vandalism- When a home or building that you own sits empty it is an open invitation for criminals and vandals to make some money or have some fun. Criminals may be interested in stealing what they can from a vacant home, including copper piping and wiring. The subsequent damage can cost insurance companies tens of thousands of dollars.

Liability- Can you be found legally liable for an injury to a criminal who breaks into your home and becomes injured in the course of his criminal activity? The answer is yes. Your insurance can be on the hook to pay for medical injuries, disability claims and pain and suffering when a criminal enters your home illegally and is injured!

If You Do Not Purchase Vacant Homeowners Insurance Coverage, What Risk Do You Face?

Insurance companies place within the fine print of their insurance policies language that restricts your ability to obtain coverage for certain types of claim events when your home becomes vacant.

Example: If a criminal with the intention of stealing the copper out of your home, sets your home on fire, your insurance company can deny coverage on your fire and vandalism claim if your property has sat vacant for 30 days or longer!

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