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Why you Need Renters Insurance?

Pure and simple, tenants or renters insurance will help cover claims to your personal contents.  For instance let’s assume your apartment building catches on fire and your contents are damaged by smoke or fire.   Your renters insurance policy can provide needed benefits to replace what was lost due to smoke or fire damage. 

Without this type of coverage you will pay for any and all claims completely out-of-pocket.

What is covered by Renters Insurance?

This type of insurance protection provides coverage for your personal property that you own. Please note one company definition:

We cover personal property owned or used by an insured person anywhere in the world. This includes items not permanently attached to or otherwise forming a part of the realty. When personal property is located at an insured person’s residence, other than the residence premises, coverage is limited to 10% of the Coverage C – Personal Property coverage limit, or $1,000 whichever is greater. This limitation does not apply to personal property in a newly acquired principal residence for the first 30 days after you begin to move property there.

Any limitations on Cincinnati Tenants Insurance?

You should be aware that there are limitations of coverage under the renters insurance policy.  take time to read your policy and understand the limitations in the exclusions of coverage.   Typically only what is named in the policy as a covered peril is covered.

If something happens to your personal contents that is not named in the policy, likely coverage would not apply.

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