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Landlord Insurance Can Be Complicated!

There are a number of different options that you can choose from when you’re investigating Cincinnati landlord insurance.

You might be able to purchase either commercial or individual landlord insurance.

What’s the difference?

Individual landlord insurance policies are typically for small investors with few rental properties (4 units or less on buildings owned) and commercial landlord insurance policies are available for investors owning apartment buildings, or many single-family rental homes.

Let’s go ahead and discuss coverage information for investors with few rental properties.  What type of coverage is available and how much does it cost?

Types of Landlord Insurance Policies Available

The landlord policy comes in three different versions and not every insurance company offers all three of the following policies. Let’s consider the three different types of insurance for landlords.

  •        Basic Form
  •        Broad Form
  •        Special Form

The basic form is going to be the least expensive landlord policy, but it will likewise provide the least amount of coverage.  The basic form is better known as a named perils policy because only what is named in the policy would be covered.

The basic policy form only covers a small number of claim events such as fire, wind, hail, lightning, explosion, riot or civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles, smoke, vandalism or malicious mischief. (Check your policy for details, not all companies will cover the same claim events.)

The other significant disadvantage is that any damage will be compensated on an actual cash value basis, or in other words depreciation will be factored into your claim.

If you’re familiar with homeowners insurance, typically homeowner’s insurance policy claims are settled on a replacement cost basis.  Unfortunately under the basic policy form, all claim settlements are settled based on depreciation being factored into your claim for this particular type of landlord insurance policy in Cincinnati.

Insurance Is Complicated That’s Why You Need a Professional Agent when searching for Insurance for Your Rental Properties.

Because of the complexity of landlord insurance, it’s best to speak with knowledgeable and professional insurance agents who are familiar with the intricacies of landlord insurance.

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