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Condo Insurance CincinnatiCondo Insurance in Cincinnati, Not as simple as the Price You Pay! 

If you are purchasing a condominium insurance in Ohio or if you already own a condominium, there are several distinct differences in coverage that you need to be aware of.

Some believe that a condominium insurance policy is no different than a renter’s insurance policy. While it’s true that a condominium policy mimics a renters insurance policy covering your personal property. A policy for Condo insurance can also provide building additions, or betterment coverage as an optional endorsement on the condo insurance policy.

Condominium building additions or betterment coverage will provide the condominium owner extra insurance coverage to cover what the master condo association policy will not cover.

What Is the Master Condo Association Policy?

This is a commercial insurance policy that provides liability coverage, and coverage for the condo buildings themselves. So in other words if a fire or a tornado destroys a condo, the master condo association policy will provide funds to rebuild the structure of the condo and possibly the inside of the condo units themselves. The Master association policy and condo insurance policy work together to provide coverage for yourself, however you should take time to read the Association policy. 

You Must Read Your Master Condo Association Policy to Understand What Is Covered, and Not Covered.

Here’s the Catch-22 with the master condo association policy. Each policy can be uniquely different in what they will cover, and what is not covered. The condominium master association policy might provide coverage to the inside units themselves, leaving the individual condo unit owner only responsible to cover the upgrades to the condo.

Or the master association policy may only provide coverage to the bare walls of the condominium itself. In other words, the condominium owner would need to pay all expenses to rebuild the condo on the inside. A basic condominium insurance policy does not provide funds to rebuild the inside of your condominium; it only provides funds to replace your personal contents!

One Additional Exposure That Condominium Owners Face

There is one additional exposure that condo owners face that could leave you on the hook to pay tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket, an exposure that your condo association master insurance policy will not pay, nor your individual condo insurance policy without this specific but most important endorsement.

If you decide to purchase your condominium insurance from our agency we will help you to understand what this added exposure is so that you can safeguard your financial assets.

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